May 2017

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An opportunity for Shanti children of the Complementary education sector to showcase their talents & creativity.


Shanti preschool children and their teachers together with the Shanti staff organized a Dansala to all and sundry on 08 May 2017 at the Shanti preschool premises – 309, Canal Lane, Wellawatte, Colombo-6, Sri Lanka.


The Shanti preschool children gathered at Sangaraja Vihara on Saranankara Road, Kalubowila, Sri Lanka on 09 May 2017where the chief incumbent is the Venerable Makandure Sirirathana Thera to enter into the Vesak season by taking SIL.


An art competition was held among the kids in the Shanti preschools on 16 May 2017.The theme of the art competition was VESAK. Pablo Picasso says that every child is an artist.


Dr. Suranga braved the flood, rains & gale   to come to Shanti to conduct a medical camp for the Shanti elders on 27 May 2017.


Four of our Shanti teachers attended the Acting and Drama workshop at the Institute of Sinhala Culture, Sudarshi, 375, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7 on 29 May 2017.


Shanti together with friends in Disaster Management were with the victims of the garbage dump tragedy, day after day, just being with them in their grief, holding their hand and listening to their woes and giving them a helping hand.

The Spirit of the Lord leavens humanity and the world rests in the warmth of God’s Love

Padre Michele Catalano SJ

6 thoughts on “SHANTI: News

  1. Well done. Yes Our dearest Fr Catalano lives forever as long as
    “SHANTI” lives. Sujee keep it up. Father is always in my daily prayers.
    Wonderful achievement, God Bless You and all involved with SHANTI. lOVE

  2. “Blessing” for Shanthi team of dedicated men and women who reached the most needed and helpless people due to recent flood – giving them food and shelter.

  3. Well Done.Little talk and much good action.Leading by example.Congratulations Need of the hour.


  4. Hope there will be more and more Blessings for Shanti in 2017. Reverend Father Catalano, the founder , I am sure is pleased with the progress. The help we get from Italy is through his relations, friends and well wishers.
    Thank you Father Catalano.

  5. Sujee I really admire your hard work – nothing is impossible to a willing heart.- Loves greatest gift is its ability to make everyone around you happy and that is exactly what you are doing right now. God bless Vylette

  6. The quote from Oscar Wilde, and the other message has been beautifully composed.
    Both were apt. at that particular time

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