June 2018

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..The Spirit of the Lord leavens the mass of humankind  And elevates the warmth of love that heats up the world…. cato…Padre Michele Catalano SJ

9 thoughts on “SHANTI: News

  1. Well done. Yes Our dearest Fr Catalano lives forever as long as
    “SHANTI” lives. Sujee keep it up. Father is always in my daily prayers.
    Wonderful achievement, God Bless You and all involved with SHANTI. lOVE

  2. “Blessing” for Shanthi team of dedicated men and women who reached the most needed and helpless people due to recent flood – giving them food and shelter.

  3. Well Done.Little talk and much good action.Leading by example.Congratulations Need of the hour.


  4. Sujee I really admire your hard work – nothing is impossible to a willing heart.- Loves greatest gift is its ability to make everyone around you happy and that is exactly what you are doing right now. God bless Vylette

  5. The quote from Oscar Wilde, and the other message has been beautifully composed.
    Both were apt. at that particular time

  6. Congrats on the celebration,may the Lord bless the staff at Shanti and fill them with grace to carry on the great work they do.

    1. Congratulations and prayerful wishes for a VERY HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY. May Shanthi’s dedicated ministry to the poor in many faces continues uninterruptedly. Blessings! Fr. Clement Waidyasekara OMI

  7. We are truly thankful to the Almighty God Jesus Christ for sending such a dedicated saviour, Rev. Father Catalano to Sri – Lanka.
    We benefitted by his stay here.

    God in his wisdom Chose Sri-Lanka for him.

  8. Sujee I hope you will get all the encouragement and support to carry out your good work in the year 2018 and many more to follow.

    I wish you and Fr. Ranjit all the best in your future endeavours.

    God bless

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