Memory of FOUNDER


Fr. Michael Catalano SJ  Founder of SHANTI



Dedication of the Primary School via Tripoli to Father Michele Catalano, sj on December 15, 2015. The Civic Administration together with the 1st Didactic ” Don Pietro Pappagallo ” and the Association-Un Mondo Di Bene- ” A World of Good ” see a dream come true . The dedication will be an opportunity not only to remember but to keep alive the ideals and work of such a great missionary.




Marina Cagnetta, Councillor

Department of Culture, City of Terlizzi

Via Marconi 37/39

70038 Terlizzi ( Barri )

[Renato Brucoli’s feature on Padre Michele Catalano]

Fr. Michele Catalano, born on 06/01/1926 in Terlizzi in the Province of Barri in Italy. A member of the Society of Jesus since 28/12/1945; ordained a Jesuit Priest on 24/03/1958. He worked for the poorest of the poor in Sri Lanka for 51 years showering his unconditional love on them.


Father Catalano fell ill and was taken on 06 June 2009 to the Corato Hospital,Italy.annetta-114 italian 037 italian 032 italian 035

 He died on 14/12/2009

 His mortal remains have been laid to rest in Terlizzi. grave

He leaves behind his sisters Lucia & Franca Catalanoluciafranca


How can I believe you have died and left us forever? DSCN0459 copy

I have had the greatest fortune, in this crazy world, to have met you and worked with youDSCN0485 copyDSCN0381DSCN3081

People told us we were crazy to work for the homeless and unwanted people in

This slum area in the south of Colombo! And you would say:

Yes we are crazy, we love being crazy but we are helping others who have nothing but problems.

You gave me hope and understanding; you gave me a new life worth living for DSCN2905DSCN2569DSCN0456 copyDSCN2906

You took time to teach me what true life really is,

You showed me the joy and the reward in helping others,

The satisfaction you get from just making others happy,

To see their eyes sparkle.DSCN2573

You gave hope and understanding to thousands of others, you did not choose,

You walked among your people!img679 img_0007

IMG_0008 IMG_0009 img_0011

Drug addicts, elders, children, many of them homeless, young and old, mothers and fathers.

IMG_0013 IMG_0017 img_0019

To you they were all the same, no one was special you always told them.IMG_0021 IMG_0034 img_0041 183096374_290500399213178_4523967663418202238_n

You are my people, my brothers & sisters IMG_0044 img_0048 IMG_0050 IMG_0051 IMG_0054

Fr. Catalano, you are an exceptional man with white hair, gentle and a smiling glance.

He said, IMG_0043shanti-083 S8000283

S8000311here you can meet Jesus, eye to eye , face to face

In the poor, ill or hungry, drug addict, prostitute or prisoner

I always remember you told us

fr4 fr1 fr2 fr3

Please don’t look at their colour, don’t look at their caste, don’t look at their religion

Don’t look at who they are or where they come from.

Find out what they need, listen to them

Look through the evil and find the goodness in them,

They need help, we must give them help, it is not complicated

This was your way, your styleTim's Pictures 138shanti-082

You came from another country and gave your heart and your life for others.

We thank you and praise you for your wonderful work.

It is only your tired body that has died, you still live in my heart

I love you and think of you every day.

I will cherish my memories of you forever

With much love

sujee suatgrave

Fr. Michele Catalano founded SHANTI on 16 July 1977 – a non sectarian, non political & non-profit making voluntary social service organization as a conduit to convey the LOVE of the Supreme Being to the sad, the lonely & the forgotten.


The Spirit of the Lord leavens man and elevates the temperature of LOVE in the world              

Fr. Michael Catalano sj


1 thought on “Memory of FOUNDER

  1. The most AMAZING human being I have ever met.
    You worked for NO personal gains.
    A GOOD shepherd of God.

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