Copy of shanti-logois a non-sectarian,


non-profit & non-political  voluntary social service organization

serving the poor in  Sri Lanka.

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Our dear Founder cato

Shanti-Power Point Presentation


Shanti’s Log Frame Matrix



Towards a humanized and reconciled Sri Lankan Society

living a dignified existence founded onJustice & Equality, Peace, Dignity & Freedom

MISSION:Shanti Community Animation Movement aims to bring about humanized & reconciled, dignified & enabled communities among the marginalized shanty people in Colombo & the victims of war & and natural disasters by providing

 shelter/housing & increasing education opportunites & livelihood options in restorative justice to the victims of war
Quality education to preschool children
Complementary education to youth, children & adults
Job oriented skills training of youth & adults
Conscientization on gender equality & child protection;
self employment skills to mothers & women
Care for elders especially the housebound
Relief to the victims of natural disasters

Via capacity building, skills training, networking, education & vocational training

in collaboration with other like-minded groups & organizations




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